Implementation of Penicillin Allergy Screening Tool to Optimize Aztreonam Use

In this article from the American Journal of Health System Pharmacy, researchers looked to determine whether pre-screening for a penicillin allergy could help to reduce the use of aztreonam.  Aztreonam is an antibiotic used to treat gram-negative infections.

The study looked at patients prior to and after intervention to account for inappropriate aztreonam use.  After intervention, the number of inappropriate doses decreased significantly.  And overall, the screening allowed for a cost avoidance of up to $100,000.  Use of B-lactam alternatives became more popular over the use of aztreonam.

This article is interesting because it shows that educating providers and doing pre-screening can help patients receive the appropriate medication and avoid adverse reactions.

Stacie ML, Brundige ML, Brown J, et al.  Implementation of a penicillin allergy screening tool to optimize aztreonam use.  Am. J. Health Syst. Pharm.  2016;73:298-306.

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