Evidence supporting the use of Minocycline to treat MDRO infections

A serious problem that exists today in the world of medicine is bacterial resistance to antibiotics. Particularly resistant and bothersome strains of bacteria are referred to as MDRO’s, or multidrug-resistant organisms. The purpose of this paper was the explain the fact that there is evidence suggesting the usefulness of treating these types of infections with Minocycline in the IV form. The study details how 200 mg of Minocycline was administered to achieve serum concentrations in the body similar to other tetracyclines. The study showed how minocycline treatment was effective in maintaining antimicrobial activity in numerous types of resistant bacterial strains such as Staph infections and gram-negative pathogens.

This article is very important and relevant in the field of pharmacy. The growing threat of resistant bacterial strains can be detrimental to the overall health of the human population if the process of over prescribing antibiotics is not stopped. New studies like this showing that certain drugs are effective at fighting resistant bacterial strains is important because this could lead to more doctors and pharmacists working together to monitor their prescribing habits more closely. If they would switch the therapies they use for each patient so that the entire population is then resistant to a certain drug, then there will be a better chance of not creating resistant bacteria populations.
AJHP. 2016 ; 73(5) : 279-285

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  1. As pharmacists, it is critical we understand the role of antibiotics in medicine. What can be argued as more important, is how changes in resistance to antibiotics may affect the future of medicine and our careers. Personally I find this field fascinating as it is constantly dynamic and changing. Some natural antibiotics have been biologically active for millions of years, and the organisms using them have also been fighting the battle against resistance for just as long.

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