Differences in prescribing psychotropic drugs for elderly with depression.

This study’s purpose was to address the prevalence of depression and inadequacy it is treated in most cases.  It analyzed the different types of drug classes that are prescribed to elderly patients.  A random sampling of 5% of inpatients was selected from the NHI in Taiwan.  Of the 5%, 1058 were geriatric patients with some form of mental depression.  The prescribing patterns were examined and compared.  Some of the most commonly prescribed psychotropics were: antidepressants (71.4%), anxiolytics (62.6%) and hypnotics (51.4%).  Varying types of medications were prescribed and it depends on the the type of medical professional.  This study concluded psychiatrist generally prescribe newer antidepressants than other physician specialties.

This article is interesting because it discussed the varying types of drugs that are prescribed.  It shows that there is a difference between the types of medications prescribed based on the type of specialty instead of having a standard that all prescriptions is based off of.  I believe that this is bad for the healthcare industry and could lead to problems across the industry.

Huang YC, Wang LJ, Chong MY.  Differences in prescribing psychotropic drugs for elderly with depression. Acta NeuroPsychiatry. 2016; 22: 1-8.

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