Diabetes care: Model for the future of primary care

Diabetes is a disease state that requires constant monitoring. Unfortunately, the supply of physicians available for this is not being met and does not appear to be in the near future. Due to this increased demand that cannot be met with available supply, more health care professionals such as pharmacists need to be added into these patients’ lives. Unlike some other diseases, diabetes is one that is educated on as the patient is coached or guided in ways to make changes in their daily life style. Losing weight and brining better therapeutic changes to this can improve the parameters that are looked over to determine progress. Doing this will allow decreased hospitalizations and emergency visits, which then brings the demand down, closer to the supply.

Diabetes is no the only disease state in which this can be useful. Employing pharmacists into this “team” will help multiple other chronic conditions as well. Brining pharmacists, nurse practitioners, and physician assistants into the mix can only improve one’s quality of life. At the end of the day, all of these professionals are part of a larger picture that consists of the patients well being. What suggestions would you make in order to improve the current lack of professionals being engaged for such tasks?

Posey L, Tanzi M. Diabetes care: Model for the future of primary care. J Am Pharm Assoc. 2010;20(5): 623-626.

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